22 . virgo . NYC
whisky. insomnia. music.
books. art. urban exploration.
realization. self expression.
meditation. inspiration
the astral plane. yoga. sex.

the moon.
the universe.

"you do not have a soul.
you are a soul.
you have a body"

ig: keytotheuniversee

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watching the eclipse live online because it’s too cloudy for me to see in NYC :[
i wanted to charge my crystals :/

i wish i could feel it all for you

i wish i could be it all for you
if i could  e r a s e  the pain

                                                 maybe you’d feel the same.
                                                                      i w o u l d </3

The saddest day of my life

hot new track from Rene Lavice! 
usher-climax [rene lavice remix]

fresh for your ears to hear..  it’s only got 340 views right now, but just you wait.

Anonymous asked: do you know what those underwear are called that have the strings that go across the butt and its open and then theres like a little bow at the top? do any of your girls have them or do you know any girls that might know wha t they're called?



No idea, but I’m publishing this so girls can answer.

pixiestix83 says they’re cage panties, if this is what you mean:  http://www.fredericks.com/Cage_Back_Open_Panel_Panty/93175,default,pd.html

they are definitely called cage panties. i own a number of pairs, you can find some less expensive ones on Yandy.com. be careful though- sizes for caged panties aren’t always what you think they are. be aware of strap placement. if your ass is tiny, you might want to steer clear of them because you won’t be able to fill out the garment, and will look rather unattractive.

trance. glitch hop. celtic music.
coffee, yoga, crystal meditation.
nails, skin treatment, hair, art.
Tifa & I are having a personal day :3

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