23 * virgo * NYC * submissive

whiskey. drum & bass. fashion design.
meditation. astrophysics. street art.

be yourself. live free. love others.

andy c. above & beyond. haim.

ellie goulding. pendulum.
chase & status. emacipator.

vikings. game of thrones.

cosmos. adventure time.

"you do not have a soul.

you are a soul.

you have a body"

ig: keytotheuniversee

feel free to message me; i'll only publish if it's anon.

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Brb; life falling apart..

Laptop crashed, phone shut off.
Have to move out of my apartment.

Everything you do to your sub should have a purpose. Punishment, discipline, tasks, all with the sole purpose of growth. Even the hardened Sadist always has a plan…

(Source: agentlemanandasavage, via onedom)

So VH1 wants to record a reality TV show about us.


The New York City Ravers.

They contacted NYCR about filming a show and everything. We are in the middle of submitting interviews to the channel.


Baby I can’t be what you want me to be
I’ve given you everything I sailed the sea
Baby there’s fireworks in my heart setting off
Darling I wish you hadn’t let us fall apart

I promise I try to let this go
But I can’t breathe
If only you knew how much I give you
Everything y
ou need
So in the space and time around us to waste
Baby I think I’m losing you
I can see it in your face

Don’t leave, & i need you..

& I need you
'Cause lately you've been the world to me
I need you
'Cause lately you've got the best of me

.. </3

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